Tuesday, November 14, 2017


This is my view outside the kitchen window each morning

I think of the time
 between Halloween and Thanksgiving
 as harvest time.

 It seems the autumn colors are 
the brightest then, 
and the weather has turned 
to the point that 
the air is filled with the 
scent of wood smoke and 
lamps and candles shine brightly 
as the sun goes down.

It might seem as though 
this metal crow 
has flown down from 
that beautiful autumn tree,
 but in actuality, 
he came from AntiqueFarmHouse.

Along with a small basket and
 a garland of fall gatherings,
 he lends an aire of authenticity 
to my DIY 
chipboard HOME letters.

We planted a new hydrangea this summer.
  I think it is called Limelight.

 The white blossoms dried on the bush 
to a gorgeous unbleached muslin effect.

 In an old brown crock,
 along with some little fuzzy fauxs,
 they make a 
beautiful fall arrangement.

Last week 
I asked you to vote
 on my mantle choices.

  I knew all great minds 
think alike
 as the one I chose 
was the same as 
the majority of you picked 
as your favorite:

I also had some questions
 about the garland shown...

...I have had it for 
a couple of years and 
I took some hydrangeas from the garden
 and hot glued them 
to the existing garland. 

 My hydrangeas didn't do too well
 this summer. 
 They were very small 
but they worked out better that way
 for the size of the garland.

I picked this garland up 
at Michael's a while back.

 It is basically the same 
as the other one,
 but has more green and mossy bits,
 so I thought it would lend itself more 
to Christmas.  
I've been thinking of 
something different 
to add to it. 
I had to use a flash
 as it is stuck in
 the dark recesses of
 my hoarder junk room
 so it is not 
a good picture, or at least 
not the way I like 
to take pictures.

I added Tom Turkey
 to the dining room table display,
 along with some fall color. 
 Nothing very fancy 
this year.

I found some pretty dishes at Raley's 
and set the kitchen table
 with the addition of 
the everyday blue and white china. 
 Cute burlap chargers 
were found at
 Hobby Lobby.

We went to the Goat Hill Fair Antique show 
at the Santa Cruz County fairgrounds 
last weekend. 
 It really is a nice show. 
 We weren't looking for
 anything special...

...but I did pick up 
this cute little frog 
to set one of my old 
post cards in...

...and another tin wash tub. 
 I thought it was smaller 
than the last one I got, 
but it turned out to be the same size. 
 No worries, 
I will always find a use
 for it anyway!

The Harvest Family 
stands along 
with a basket of old, dusty hydrangeas 
on the entry hall cupboard. 
 The wreath 
I made with coffee filters
 hangs above.

That's about it here
 at the Harvest Home.

 It's really getting hard 
to not think about Christmas
 quite yet.

 (Well, maybe I have - just a little!).
 Come on now, 
don't roll your eyes, 
I know a lot of 
you have too!

Hope you all
warm and wonderfully 
sweet week.


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Tuesday, November 7, 2017



Kai got so tired 
of giving out candy 
to the approximately 
200 trick-or-treaters 
(not to mention 
trying to dip his nose into 
their candy bags) 
that he had to take
 a rest 
before bedtime.


I have been seeing 
a lot of pretty velvet pumpkins 
adorned with feathers lately.  
I got these two at Michael's 
marked down to $2.50 each. 
 That was all they had left 
or I would have gotten
 more for sure...

I also ordered 
this great Santa springle mold 
from sweet NanaDiana's etsy shop,
  She has some
 really pretty things for sale. 
 They are all items that 
either she or members of her family
have owned
 so they are passed on
with lots of love.
He will make part 
of a great vignette 
this Christmas.


Diana also gifted me
 with this cutest Boo banner
 with scary skeletons and 
ghostly ribbons.

 She sure knows how to 
warm the heart of 
a Cottage Witch...

My dear sister, Sid,
 gave me this beautiful
Secret Garden book. 
 It is the oldest one now 
in my collection 
with a copyright date of 1910.

  Such a pretty cover and 
will be a much cherished addition
 to my obsession 
of all things 
Secret Garden...

Tim, Tami and Jake 
sent an early birthday present. 
 They have one 
and we have so much fun 
watching those cute little hummers 
when we visit. 
 Now, can't wait
 until it stops raining 
so we can put it up. 
 It has a very tall shepard's crook
 that it hangs on, 
so we can see it from the windows,
 and some delicious red juice 
that will make it 
sweet and colorful
 to attract the little guys.

Thank you all
 for the kind and loving thoughts 
that were put into these beautiful gifts.

 I appreciate and love them 
all so much.


When I was taking down
 Halloween decorations 
this past weekend, 
I thought of three different ways that 
I might decorate 
the parlor mantle for harvest time.

 Here they are 
for your viewing pleasure:

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Which one would you choose?

I already know 
which one I will use and 
will reveal it next week,
 just thought it would be fun 
to see if all 
great minds think alike, 
plus I needed another
 "G" word 
in the title!


  We will be off to Santa Cruz 
to the Goat Hill Fair antique show. 
But, before that,
 I want to check out 
Joanna's line 
at Target.





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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A Proclamation...

The time is drawing near
That one and all must fear

Like hands moving on a clock

Soon the door will open
And the Cottage Witch you'll see

With her little vampire sidekick

And when the night is over
Before you go to bed

Forget the ghosts and goblins
That are filling up your head.

This does not mean it's over
So do not shed a tear

The spirits and the spectors
Will return again next year.


I hope you all enjoyed the journey 

BeTWeeN the MoONliGht and the MaJiC 

and will look forward to 
what is to come.

My special thanks 
go to all the players
 behind the scenes...

...who helped make
 October possible.

 You are all
 and your inspirations are 

...I thank you all 
from the bottom of 
my witches heart.

The Cottage Witch 
Week Five
Halloween Night
October, 2017

 I certify that no 
witches, ghouls, ghosts
 or any other spectors 
were hurt in the writing
 of these 
October posts.

I will say,
that the Cottage Witch 
has pushed her creative endurance
 to a level 
that she may not 
come back from.

The test will be 
if she can grab 
enough tail wind and
 make it to Home Goods!

Hear that dear Captain,

"Grab my pointy hat and 
crank up the broom!!!"

In the meantime, 
it will be business as usual
 again next week 
and thank you all 
for making 
the journey
 with me.


It's almost harvest time.

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