Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The term precious metals 
usually means items of high value. 
 But, in this instance 
"precious" does not mean 
there is any monetary value involved,
 it only means
 these items are 
very dear and special to me...

...this little bunny 
is a replica of a candy mold
 but it was found at Michael's
 and is purely decorative. 
 A statement of 
spring time.

I've had this
 little chain of birds 
for a couple of years.
  When added to a pretty garland,
 along with sprigs of colorful blossoms,
 it is another visual 
of spring.

Some beautiful 
old pieces of silver 
that have been collected over time
 along with a delicate tray 
and the first camellia 
of the season.

Sitting on a silver tray
 that belonged to my mom 
are some metal frames 
holding photos
 of some very special people 
in my family.

A lantern from Home Goods 
makes a pretty pattern
 while the candle within
highlights one of the 
first daffodils from the garden, 
displayed in a metal basket vase. 
 A line up of blue pillows,
all from Home Goods,
 are shown in the background.

Another precious commodity 
around here 
is snow. 
 When it started falling yesterday,
 we thought it might last for awhile,
 but as shown in the picture above,
 it was very short lived.


The most precious of all 
are the young students 
standing up against
 gun violence in this country. 

 They have faced the unthinkable 
and now they are facing another hard fight.

  It is truly a shame 
that they have been put 
in this position 
by some of the adults 
who have not, and will not, 
protect them.

 This could be the turning point. 
 I wish I could hug 
each and everyone of them. 

 They are the 
true and precious heroes 
of the future.


I want to thank Katie 
at Let's Add Sprinkles
 for the feature last week.

 It was a real surprise 
and I appreciate it so much.


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. 
 A day to feature the romantic
 in all of us.

 I have gathered together
 a collection of my sentimental favorites 
that have a connection to
 a day of romance.

 Words and pictures 
that all are 
keepsakes from the heart.


"I believe flowers have souls.
  I've known roses 
that I expect to meet
 in heaven."

Lucy Maud Montgomery

A sweet bouquet of roses 
from the past summer's garden.
 A reminder 
that there is more beauty 
yet to come.

"Plant a rosebush every year
 and you will not have 
lived in vain."

Henry Bowen


Lovely examples 
of the valentines we collected 
as young children in grade school
 and a well read post card 
sent to a very special someone 
from miles away.


"All you need is love, 
but a little chocolate 
now and then 
doesn't hurt."

Charles M. Schulz

Art imitating life.

  A long kept card 
that reminds me so much of 
Tami and Jake 
from a few years ago.


A collection of fabric hearts 
that come out of the cupboards 
from time to time.

"Love and magic
 have a great deal in common.
  They enrich the soul,
 delight the heart,
 and they both
 take practice."

Nora Roberts


Some painted bouquets.

"Wait not till tomorrow;
 Gather the roses 
of life 

Pierre de Ronsard


A framed sentiment 
for someone special.

A pair of rustic love birds.


A simple mail box 
that came with the Cottage. 

 A reminder of days long forgotten,
 when the postman would
 deliver our letters to the back door 
and would often be thanked, 
with a warm word or a cookie
 fresh from the oven,
 for his troubles.


Have you been watching
 Victoria on Masterpiece Theatre?

 What woman could resist
 being lovingly courted 
with poetry,
 pictures of clasped hands 
and promises of paradise?

"He clasped me in his arms 
and we kissed again and again...
to be called names of tenderness 
I have never yet heard 
used to me before -
 was bliss 
beyond belief!"

Queen Victoria, in her journal


And the 
sweetest and simplest message
 of all...

"A smile is a light
 in the window of the soul
 indicating that the 
is at 

Author Unknown




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